Small Votive Candle



These lovely small candles are perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. A great way to mask the every day scents of working home. 

The Parkminster Votive Candles come in a unique kraft paper box with star cut-outs. They make a perfect small gift for friends or family. 

This is a Plastic Free product. 

90g / 3 oz ℮. 
Up to 15 hours burn time. 
Recyclable glass vessel (refills coming soon). 
100% Sustainable and natural soy wax. 
Vegan friendly. 
Not tested on animals. 

Made in Parkminster's Cornwall and Sussex workshops. 

Scent Notes 

Bluebell: Our Bluebell scented Votive Candle is like a walk through Spring woodland with dappled sunlight coloured by green new leaves. Bluebell is a floral green scent with citrus floral notes. 

Cedar: Our Cedar scented Votive Candle is like a walk through a mossy coastal wood, full of earthy amber and spice. 

Coconut: Our Coconut scented Votive Candle is subtle & sweet with a hint of vanilla. It's just like being on a beach in the Caribbean. 

Cucumber & Mint: Our Cucumber & Mint Votive Candle has a green, aqueous scent with a refreshing splash of sweet spice. 

English Garden: Our English Garden scented Votive Candle reminds us of long afternoons in walled gardens. The scents of jasmine & honeysuckle mixes with the fruit trees & heat from the brick walls. 

Eucalyptus: Our Eucalyptus Votive Candle will help calm the mind and relax the body. Slightly medicinal but with notes of green leaf, mint, citrus, wood & camphor, the scent of Eucalyptus is a favourite throughout history. 


Fresh Fig: Our Fresh Fig scented Votive Candle is fruity, green & fresh. 

Grapefruit: Our Grapefruit scented Votive Candle is fresh, fruity & invigorating. 

Lavender: Our Lavender scented Votive Candle has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal and slightly woody all at the same time. Lavender is well know for it's calming effects on the mind so this candle is a perfect remedy for stress and worry. 

Lemongrass: Our Lemongrass Votive is one of our most popular candles. With fresh notes of lemon & ginger supported by earth and grass. 

Meadow: Our Meadow scented Votive Candle has floral, citrus, amber & rose notes reminiscent of a walk through wild flower fields & hedgerows in Summer. 

Ocean: Reminiscent of a windy walk on the beach our Ocean Votive candle has top notes of ozone, sea salt with whisps of juniper, cedar wood, tea tree & lemon. 

Orange Blossom: Our Orange Blossom Votive candle will transport you to the Andalusian countryside with the orange trees in full bloom. Our Orange Blossom scent is packed with white floral, fresh, citrus notes and a smoky, almost soapy finish. 

Patchouli: Our Patchouli scented Votive Candle has spicy & musky notes which accompany a slightly sweet and minty aroma. Imagine a night time walk through a Summer woodland just after a heavy rainstorm. 

Pomegranate: Our Pomegranate scented Votive Candle has plum, patchouli & rose notes with hints of vanilla & cedarwood. 

Rhubarb: Our Rhubarb scented Votive Candle has green, watery, sweet, aromatic & fruity notes which are fresh and exciting. 

Rose Geranium: Our calming Rose Geranium Votive Candle will sooth and dispel all the stresses of life's ups and downs. Parkminster's Rose Geranium scent has floral, fresh, sweet and slightly fruity notes with a strong top note of rose. 

Rosemary & Basil: Our Rosemary & Basil scented Votive Candle is invigorating, refreshing & stimulating. The scent of Rosemary oil is known for promoting memory retention & focus and paired with Basil oil this blend is a great exhaustion buster. Our Rosemary & Basil scent is fresh, herbaceous, sweet and slightly medicinal.

Thyme & Mint: Our Thyme & Mint scented Votive Candle is refreshing & stimulating, perfect for working from home! Parkminster's Thyme & Mint scent is fresh, green, herbaceous, sweet and slightly medicinal. 

Woodland: Our Woodland Votive Candle has an earthy, smokey scent with notes of oak, hickory and wet leaves. Perfect for transporting you to autumnal memories of your childhood.