Coffee Bar

Coffee - Origin Coffee Roasters

Based in Cornwall, their story began over 15 years ago. Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, Origin Coffee is an independently owned speciality coffee roaster that is bound by one central ethos; to source exceptional coffee through a sustainable, triple bottom line approach.

All images used below are by Origin Coffee Roasters.

Origin Coffee Roasters

Their approach to coffee sourcing is through direct trade, a philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee. Through their direct trade practice they are able to support their farm and mill partners directly, giving Origin coffee drinkers full traceability of the coffee in their cup.

It is the transparent nature of Origin that have enabled them to gain a B-corp certification, which means that they are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. All these factors led us to believe Origin were the perfect Coffee roasters for us to partner with.

Our house blend is Resolute. The flavour profiles are milk chocolate, stewed plum & caramel. Resolute signifies a no nonsense, classic idea of coffee. 

It’s a consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, with prominent notes of dark chocolate and nuts. It comes together like a barrelling wave, to form the perfect basis for a flat white or standalone espresso.

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Tea - Tiosk Tea

Combining a love of this iconic elixir with a love of art and design, Natasha and Nicola launched Tiosk in 2014. The heart of the business is natural, premium, whole-leaf tea - ethically sourced from the finest plantations around the globe, then hand packed in the UK for ultimate freshness.

All images are by Tiosk Tea.

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Cake - Exploding Bakery

I spent my days at college sat outside the Exploding bakery in Exeter sipping on black americanos and scoffing their cake before my next lecture. It's always been my favourite cafe and in someways a sense of home. They are the best cake producer in their field in my opinion, so I didn't even have to think when it came to choosing them to be our cake provider for the coffee bar.

All images featured are by The Exploding Bakery.

The Exploding Bakery

Founded by Tom and Ollie back in 2011 with the key ingredients to start a cafe: a few recipes, a second-hand oven and absolutely no clue about how to run a business.

But they had a plan, and it was a simple one: to provide great cakes to café’s, delis and anyone else who wanted a superior cake that tastes homemade. The plan hasn’t changed, and the cakes have just got better and better.

Fast forward to now and the Exploding Bakery is well known throughout the UK, well established as one of the finest cake wholesalers in the industry.

We are proud to serve a selection of EB cakes in the coffee bar. Our selection varies week to week, so pop by to taste some of their delicious creations.

Kombucha - Momo Kombucha

We are proud to serve the finest quality kombucha in our cafe, which is why we chose to partner with Momo Kombucha.

We serve two flavours in our cafe: Turmeric and Ginger & Lemon.

All images featured are by Momo Kombucha.

Momo Kombucha

Momo was born by founders Josh and Lisa Puddle on a trip to New York back in 2016. Lisa had been reading about Gut Health and had heard that kombucha was fantastic for bringing the gut and the body back in to balance as it promotes and maintains a healthy digestive function. By the end of the trip they were hooked and were noticing positive changes that they felt were related to the kombucha - they had more energy and felt less bloated. Back in London, they wanted to continue feeding their kombucha cravings. They decided to start brewing their own and the idea for MOMO was born. From day one they have brewed each batch in a small glass jar and they always will. This is the old-fashioned way to brew and the only way to produce the highest quality kombucha.

Cold drinks - Luscombe Devon

Since 1087 the Luscombe Estate has been a hive of farming activity, with the farm making an appearance in the Doomsday Book. Since then, Luscombe Drinks has continued the Estate's story, crafting and perfecting small batch, organic, artisanal drinks on the farm since 1975.

Luscombe itself is an ancient name; ‘hlose’ from the Saxon for ‘valley of the swine’, while ‘coombe’ is Anglo-Saxon for ‘short valley’. Inspired by their rich history, the logo’s winged apple represents the fruit of our orchards entwined with the wings of the angel Gabriel, Luscombe's founder Gabriel David's namesake.

Apples have always been at the heart of Luscombe. Cider has been pressed and fermented on site since the twelfth century. Traditionally, workers were paid, at least in part, with cider – up to a rather generous five gallons in the summer. That’s how things were done here right up until the 1970s.

The Luscombe family left the farm around 1750, and it wasn’t for another two centuries that the current owner, Julian David, opened the next chapter in the Luscombe story. Julian relished the opportunity to rejuvenate Luscombe’s cider pressing heritage, and continued the tradition, selling freshly pressed drinks from the farm gate. Production increased over the years and, in 1983, Luscombe cider earned first prize and the Reserve Champion Award at the Devon County Show.

In 1997, Gabriel David returned from a spell in Sicily, to join his father in the family business. Inspired to bring home the evocative flavours of his travels, he began crafting classic English soft drinks and juices from organic ingredients. Every drink was – and still is today – entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers. With an ever-growing collection of awards and accolades, and Gabriel at the helm, Luscombe Drinks is still very much a family business.

Oat Milk - Minor Figures

We use Minor Figures oat milk as our non dairy alternative milk, as we believe they are a fantastic company with great ethical values, as well as having great tasting quality oat milk.

Minor Figures are an unlikely mob of painters, jazz musicians, basketball players and barbers, brought together by a love of specialty coffee and all of the creative cultures in its orbit.

They make plant-based, 100% vegan products to lift your coffee and your mind – be that in the comfort of your home or in your favourite local spot (Sunshine Coffee bar of course)!

Minor Figures are now carbon neutral, but their vision spans beyond the present, and there is plenty more work to be done...

For more information on Minor Figures or to purchase their oat milk for use in your home, click the link below.

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