Washcloths - Blue, Citrus & Aqua


Did you know that wet wipes have been classed as a serious environmental hazard and a law has been proposed which would ban them? Our cotton knit washcloths are a fantastic alternative to wet wipes. Simply use, rinse, use again, and pop them in the washing machine with your regular load. Dampened with warm water, cotton knit washcloths are much kinder on little faces too, and the soft knit texture makes them feel lovely on the skin. 

Unlike synthetic alternatives cotton knit cloths won't leave plastic deposits which will make their way into the oceans - or contribute to the 93% of sewage blockages that wet wipes do! Why not have two washcloths on the go at any one time; one colour for wiping their face, and one for mopping up spills? 

Materials: 100% cotton knit. 

Dimensions: Each cloth 24 x 24cm. 

Care: Machine washable from 30°. 

Colours: Mid blue, citrus, aqua.