Wanting You To Want Me: Stories from the Secret World of Strip Clubs


Wanting You to Want Me is a collection of anonymous stories from the world of London strip clubs, documented by the women themselves. 

The stories range from behind-the-scenes conversations in the changing rooms, to dancefloor and private room etiquette, from emotional and intellectual connections between dancer and client, to the often-blurred boundaries that exist in between. 

Journalist Emily Dinsdale and filmmaker Bronwen Parker-Rhodes have collected images and stories from the women working in the London strip clubs over several years. Having been part of the industry themselves, they have a unique and intimate access to the seldom-heard stories, giving voice to an age-old industry, from the perspective of the traditionally voiceless workers. 

Supported by original, behind the scenes photography from the authors, these narratives express vulnerability, empowerment, curiosity and the complexity and duplicity of relationships – in short, what it is to be human. 

Authors:  Emily Dinsdale & Bronwen Parker-Rhodes. 

ISBN: 9781784884666. 

Format: Hardback. 

Pages: 256. 

Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm. 

Published: 31 March 2022.