Smooth Fragmented Shell Ring


Created from the smooth surface of a unique unrepeatable shell. The Smooth Fragmented Shell Ring has a clean fluidity and a glistening finish like sunshine on a breaking wave. Being the ring that carries the least texture, but doesn’t compromise on form, this weighty and flowing piece is both subtle yet bold. Made in solid recycled sliver with the option of Gold Vermeil. 

Made from Nature, Made in England. 

Made from fairmined gold vermeil.

Vermeil has been used since the 19th Century and is when a thin layer of gold is applied to a solid sterling silver piece. It makes the jewellery look the same colour as gold but without it being solid therefore a cheaper option for gold looking jewellery without compromising on quality.

All the Gold Vermeil pieces have a thick layer of 18ct yellow gold (on average 3 microns) applied over the top of the silver making it the most durable gold plating option possible- about five times thicker than conventional gold plating.

Normal ‘Gold Plating’ is a very thin layer of gold and can be applied over the top of any base metal which usually isn’t silver and could be hiding a cheap metal such as brass or bronze. Because the jewellery is made to last and of the highest quality, no base metals are used and Hannah only works with solid silver, gold and platinum.


Metal: Solid Recycled Silver. 
Band Width: 5mm. 
Band Thickness: 2.5mm. 
Total Weight: 7.5g.