Resolute Coffee 250g


Grind Type

Flavour profiles: Milk Chocolate, Stoned fruit & Caramel. 

Resolute signifies a no-nonsense, classic idea of coffee. It's one of our most popular blends and offers a consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, with rich dark chocolate and nut tasting notes. 


Santa Elena, El Salvador: Many of the trees at Santa Elena are over 100 years old,  testament to the care and commitment of Fernando Lima. The quality of coffee is outstanding - reason enough for Origin's partnership to have stood strong for the last decade. 

Los Altos, Nicaragua: Just 70 hectares of rolling coffee hills at the base of Kilambe Mountain form the foundations of Origin's relationship with the Mierisch family. Their farms and coffee have sat at the heart of who Origin are for over a decade. 


  • Tasting Notes: chocolate, stone fruit, caramel. 
  • Country: El Salvador / Nicaragua. 
  • Method: Natural / Washed. 
  • Producer:  Fernando Lima / The Mierisch Family. 
  • Region: Santa Ana / Jinotega. 
  • Varietal: Bourbon / Catuai. 
  • Elevation1,450 masl / 1,800 masl.